Bit Coin

Before you can start to send or receive Bitcoin you will need to set up a Bitcoin address 
Do this first! - Open a Merchant Account with Coinbase.

Example of what a Bitcoin Address looks like : You can use this address to send a Bitcoin payment to me or make a donation. 1CsWrenTG54arG3SNCAc42NiV7s1qwEGNJ

The easiest way to invest in Bitcoin

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What is a Bitcoin?

The Truth About Bitcoin

Getting Started with Bit Coins

Do this first! - Open a Merchant Account with Coinbase.

Before you can buy, sell or trade Bit Coins you should first have an exchange base, just like paypal accepts and receives digital currency transactions linking bank accounts and visa cards. Start by opening a free account at Coinbase.


Learn more about Bitcoins & explore some of the sites below

1. Bit Coin Downlines - Use this to build downlines in multiple programs 


2. Etoro Social Trading Platform - Learn & Copy The Guru's

3. BTCClicks - Earn Bitcoin for viewing ads Banner

4. Bit Coin Blizzard - Traffic Exchange featuring 99% Bit Coin Sites 

5. CoinAd - Get paid in Bitcoin for viewing ads

6. BitBillions - Earn and trade inside a fast growing community

7. ebook - Bitcoin Unveiled by Andrew Bentley

8. Coin Tasker - Earn Bitcoin by completing simple tasks and referring others

Free bitcoins
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9. Land of Bitcoin - Earn Bitcoin by completeting tasks and referring others

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10. CoinUrl Many ways to earn and advertise - Get paid to shorten links and spread the word

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