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Herbalife Inner & Outer Nutrition
Use Herbalife products for the very best of inner and outer protein and nutrition.

Explore the complete product catalogue 
to see a great choice of nutritional food and beverages as well as the new Herbal Aloe skin care products for the very best in outer nutrition, Shampoo, Body Lotion etc. 
Start Your 90 Day Level 10 Fitness Challenge
How to achieve your level 10 results? Getting started on your Level 10 - 90 Day Fitness Challenge is easy and the Herbalife nutritional values make it easy to stick with it and achieve your results. 


Krauseworld International Martial Arts Academy - Health & Wellbeing Coaching Academy
Take a tour of our website and book your free tour of Krauseworld the fun and friendly coaching academy, like us and follow us on facebook to stay up to date and claim your 2 weeks free trial membership.

Staying Healthy 

There are many different various methods of staying healthy and the most common would be to make sure to always maintain a healthy balanced diet along side some daily exercise of some kind. Some forms of excercise would include meditation and practising Qi Gong. The health benefits and healing power that comes with Qi Gong can be really powerful and sometimes surprise novice students beyond belief.

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Heard of the Silva Method? What would your life look like if you could intuitively make the right decisions regularly?
Learn to tap in your intuitive potential at this FREE Online Training.
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Ever had an Out of Body Experience?

What was your "first time" like? Were you nervous, scared or worried about how you'd feel after? Don't worry. Steve.G Jones is here to guide you through the seven key steps for having an out-of-body experience. Sign up and feel confident entering this new stage of your life, and perhaps the next stage of human evolution.  Sign up Here

Experience 1 Free Om Harmonics Audio For your first experience you will receive a free complimentary download to try our OmHarmonics technology. This will acquaint you with binaural beats that alter your brain waves to a frequency associated with deep relaxation. Try using it to compliment your existing meditation or yoga practise.
Want to experience deep, monk-like meditation in minutes? Listen t
o this 10-minute meditation audio. Highly recommended. 
Click Here Tuttle - Free Chakra Test

Want to exist in an effortless, meditative flow? You can achieve this with a balanced energetic ecosystem. Take the new 3-minute test by Chakra Master Carol Tuttle to learn which of your 7 Chakra energy centres are blocked and need tuning up!

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Qi Gong with Lee Holden - Free Introductory Course
It's practised by millions around the world every day. It's at the heart of yoga, tai chi, chakra healing, even acupuncture... it's called Qi. And now PBS's Lee Holden is offering free lessons to help you harness your inner healing power. 

Learn some basic knowledge about Qi Gong and the health benefits with this free online video course.

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