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It's always the little things that make the biggest difference

Today there are a large number of businesses who can attest that taking card payments has already increased their revenue and repeat business with improved hospitality and over all customer satisfaction. For those who think that the customer doesn't care that they only have to walk a few yards to the nearest bank to withdraw cash is missing out on one of the strongest single most important factors of customer experience. By providing a more convenient way to pay, merchants are automatically adding value to how the customer feels about the quality of service and hospitality.

Risk Appetite Pro's & Con's


Offering a card payment facility

  •     Improved customer experience & hospitality
  •     Increased revenue
  •     Save on excessive bank charges
  •     Increased number of transactions and a growing customer base
  •     Increased word of mouth advertising with loyalty rewards
  •     Increased income streams

When we look at recent studies and research we find that those businesses who offer a card payment facility stand to increase revenue, boost sales and increase customer retention and merchants who offer a cash back loyalty reward programme also stand in a position to add even more value and foresee a dramatic increase in repeat business thus providing a better quality of service showing appreciation offering cash back loyalty rewards which is a sure measure of added customer satisfaction.


Not offering a card payment facility

  •     Risk of losing multiple sales
  •     Risk of losing future sales
  •     Risk of losing existing customers to the competitive market
  •     Possible risk of stagnation or even a decline in revenue
  •     Loss of income streams

Most consumers expect card payment facilities as a means of convenience and may not enjoy their experience as much if they are forced to walk even a short distance to the closest cash machine. Customer rewards programmes are becoming more of part of the service on offer which is a major contributing part of some of the most successful retail chains which remains paramount and key to thier customer retention and repeat business. Without a card payment facility a business would surely miss out on all the benefits that would serve both the consumer and the merchant.

Lyoness Loyalty Rewards Merchant Solution Pack for SMEs

::::Merchant Services:::: We can assist you with a business merchant account which will allow you to offer a card processing payment terminal for a static in shop solution or a GPRS mobile device allowing you to take payments on the move and we can also assist with online payment gateways for internet sales. We also offer a free merchant account review for existing account holders and on going customer support. Also available to merchants: Cash advance of up to £15,000 or more this is not a loan, your business pays back the amount received in advance plus our small costs with no late payment fee’s or hidden charges, just pay a % of your monthly terminal income to cover the advance until it is cleared. A Cash back loyalty rewards programme is also available which helps to increase revenue and decrease cost at the point of sale. 

We supply Ingenico (Global Leader in seamless payment technology)
Chip & Pin Card Processing Terminals 

Setting up a new merchant account
Setting up a new merchant account is simple and straightforward, the new merchant is required to show photo I.D. proofs and address proofs as would be the standard procedure for any bank account. Following the completion of necessary documents to set up the merchant account and approval is obtained it may take around 10 to 15 working days for the new terminal(s) to arrive. All terminals are pre configured and are ready for use upon arrival. Your business adviser will assist you with installation and customer support.

Switching your existing account

Existing Merchants are advised to provide a recent merchant account statement for review. Your business adviser will prepare a price comparison with a short and long term savings evaluation. When the merchant is satisfied with our comparison and is ready to switch a new account must be created, the merchant must provide photo I.D. proofs and address proofs and a new contract will be created and once approved we set the date when the switch over will take place making it a seamless switch over with virtually no down time or cost to the merchant.

Free Price Comparison & Review 

For a free price comparison review or for information on how to switch to us to save and without compromising the quality of service and without having to foot the cost of an early cancellation fee, for a smooth and seamless switch over with up to 40% savings contact your business adviser without delay. 

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